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Ordering Books via Amazon

Book ordering is fast, easy, and paid for directly by LACO.

Leadership Academy of Colorado (LACO) partners with Amazon to provide a streamlined book-ordering experience for families. With this partnership, parents can purchase most books and required materials from Amazon and have them billed directly to LACO without any upfront, out-of-pocket expenses.

Follow These 6 Steps to Order Books & Materials

Need a Visual Demo?

Watch our How to Order Books Through Amazon video to see the book ordering process from start to finish.

Need to Return Books or Materials to Amazon? 

Occasionally a student may drop a class after receiving their books. LACO requires that these books are returned to Amazon within a week of the class being dropped since the Amazon return policy window is limited. 


Additional Notes

  • We cannot reimburse for books or supplies purchased on your own. They must be ordered through Amazon, following the process outlined above.

  • We will not approve purchases for more expensive editions such as hardcover books when a softcover is available.

  • If there is a book or material listed in SIS that is not available via Amazon, please email us at books@lacolorado.org.

  • If you have multiple students enrolled at LACO but need materials shipped to two different addresses, please complete separate orders for each shipping address.

  • Do not try to merge or add a personal Gmail with LACO Gmail addresses. You will get an error as our system can't verify non-LACO accounts. 

Questions or Problems Ordering?

If you have any questions, please email us at books@lacolorado.org or call our Support Team at 800-200-6869.