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Registering for Courses



Some Things to Know First

Leadership Academy of Colorado (LACO) is a state-approved multi-district online school available to students statewide in Colorado. To qualify for free tuition in our online middle school and online high school programs, students must take 4 or more classes per semester and LACO must be their only state-funded curriculum provider. 

If your student would prefer to take 2-3 classes, you can enroll in Williamsburg’s Homeschool Enrichment (HSE) program through Colorado Education reEnvisioned (a BOCES). However, there are fewer benefits in the HSE program for students. 


Just Follow These Steps to Register



Review our recommended course paths and live course schedules for middle and high school. Create a list of courses your student will take and preferred class times. If this is your first time, we recommend you do this step with an advisor. 

Note: we recommend live courses over self-paced courses for the best academic experience and results. Self-paced courses should be selected only when needed.



Click here to create a Williamsburg Learning SIS account. You will create an account under your name (parent) and then add your child[ren]. Important: When adding your child[ren], please leave the institution name as Williamsburg Academy. See image

Then under My Students, find your student’s tab and click Registration. Next find the courses they need, select preferred class times, and follow the prompts to complete the registration process. 

Note: ignore course prices because LACO (or Williamsburg’s Homeschool Enrichment Program, if part-time) will cover all tuition costs.  

We suggest registering for both fall and winter semesters simultaneously to ensure you get the schedule that works best for your student. You can change courses and times any time before the first 28 days of the semester if needed.



Lastly, once you have selected all the courses your student will take, you will move through some final sub-steps:

  1. Confirm your course list.
  2. Confirm your contact info. 
  3. Review and accept the enrollment agreement.  
  4. Select “yes” for “Third-Party.”
  5. Find “Leadership Academy of Colorado (LACO\BOCES)” in the drop-down menu and select it.
  6. Then select which enrollments will be covered by LACO (which is ALL of your courses).
  7. Finally, your amount due should be zero (free, nada, zilch), and you can press submit.

Optional Step



Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor or give us a call at 800-200-6869. 

Once you’ve completed the steps above, our team will contact you to collect any additional information required by the state of Colorado and confirm your student’s courses.


Enroll Your Student Full-time for Maximum Benefits

Results show that full-time students who enroll in the Williamsburg program (four or more courses) get higher grades, develop vital time management skills, and make deeper social connections with their peers and mentors. They outperform their peers on ACT/SAT exams and are better equipped for life as adults after graduation.

Free Technology Package for Full-time LACO Students

LACO students taking four or more courses will receive all their books, course materials, a laptop, internet filtering, and tech support, at no charge. We’re also exploring adding VR sets and other tech options after launching the program in Fall 2022. To learn more about our technology package, see our Books, Computer, and Support page.



Don’t want to enroll full-time? Here are additional options: 


We look forward to serving your family!


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