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Graduation Requirements


Leadership Academy of Colorado (LACO) students need 24 credits to graduate and must demonstrate College and Career Readiness, as required by the State of Colorado.


Programs & Required Credits


This section identifies the total number of subject area credits needed for LACO high school graduation, as well as the recommended courses we offer to meet subject area requirements.

Because students come to LACO from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences including homeschool, private, charter, and public schools, we suggest working with our Academic Counselor to transfer credits (if applicable) and create an individualized pathway to graduation. 

Grad plans for registered students can be found in LACO’s Student Informations Systems (SIS) online portal. Each course listed below earns 0.5 credits toward graduation unless otherwise noted.

In most cases, we recommend students take “A” versions of a course in the fall semester and “B” versions in winter.


College and Career Readiness

In addition to earning the required credits, students must demonstrate College and Career Readiness by achieving minimum SAT scores (470 on reading, writing, and communication and 500 on math) or completing their Capstone Portfolio Project.

See the Colorado Department of Education website for information on the Capstone Project or contact our academic counselor.

If you have questions about graduation requirements or you would like to schedule a graduation planning meeting, please email our Academic Counselor at counselor@lacolorado.org.