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Meet Our Team

Leadership Academy of Colorado Leadership Team,
Administrative and Support Teams, and Mentors



Cynthia Cox   

Our Executive Director

Cynthia is passionate about working with students and families, and is thrilled to serve as the Executive Director of Leadership Academy of Colorado!

With nearly 20 years of experience in teaching and school administration in both the private and public school sectors, education has been a large part of Cynthia’s life mission. She loves seeing the delight in students’ eyes when they learn a new skill or idea. She can’t wait to help your student have a top-notch online learning experience at LACO.

Cynthia holds a Master of Arts in Education from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Weber State University. She enjoys spending time with family, and her grandchildren bring her joy! Besides education, Cynthia loves boating, skiing, home decorating, throwing parties, and anything that involves sunshine, family, and friends.

Phone: 800-200-6869

Administrative & Support Team Members

Joanna Herndon Williamsburg Academy of Colorado
Joanna Herndon  
Executive Assistant & Family Support Specialist


Joanie Newkirk - Enrollment Advisor at Williamsburg Learning
Joanie Newkirk 
Enrollment Advisor


Lynne Fendall Williamsburg Academy of Colorado
Lynne Fendall  


Heather Evans Williamsburg academy of Colorado
Heather Evans   
Academic Counselor

Regina Ewell Williamsburg Academy of Colorado

Regina Ewell 
Customer Support
Team Lead


Heidi Shetka - Williamsburg Academy of Colorado

Heidi Shetka 
IT Support Specialist


Gina Rossomando-Wood Williamsburg Academy of Colorado

Gina Rossomando-Wood   
SpED & Student Support Team Lead


Kelly Gonda
School Nurse

We Hire Mentors 

At LACO, we call our teachers “mentors.” We use the term “mentor” to remind everyone that education is about unleashing the potential of every student, not test scores and bureaucracy. Because we are online, we’re not limited by geography to find the best mentors in the world. This allows us to find people who have a greater range of life experience, perspectives, and talents to help them connect with your student. Our mentors get to know your child through live classes, office hours, and assignments with personalized feedback, creating a more meaningful connection.


Williamsburg Learning Leadership Team

Nels Jensen CEO Williamsburg Learning

Nels Jensen

CEO and Co-Founder

Adam Hailstone - Chief Marketing Officer at Williamsburg Learning

Adam Hailstone

Chief Marketing Officer


Gary Arnell

Chief Administrative Officer & IT Director

Rob Noorda - Director of Operations at Williamsburg Learning

Rob Noorda

Director of Operations (Lead for All Academic Programs)